Friday, September 4, 2015

Medusa Costume With Moving Snakes

Start with some of these plastic articulated snakes. Take the pointy tail piece off.

Make a sheath out of stretchy, snake-print fabric. Don't make it too tight, or too loose.
I personally like to add some length to the heads by stuffing the mouth with paper towel, then wrapping some masking tape over the snout. Masking tape is easiest to work with because you can shape it.
Sew the end of the fabric sheath around the snout and glue on some eyes and a tongue made from a thin red ribbon with a notch cut out of it. I cut a small slot in the end of the snout to insert the tongue.
Make many of these snakes so you can sew them on to your wig! I will be showing that next step soon.

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