Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Short Hooded Cape

From a simple pattern, I made a hooded cape for a friend at work.  It was almost a full circle cape, which was too full for what he wanted, so I modified it to a 3/4 circle cape. I used McCall's M5957 Costume pattern. Get your hands on that pattern if you're interested in making capes.
I tried on the hood before attaching it to make sure it would be big enough.
I tried the whole thing on to make sure the length was correct.

I ended up lining it because the Jute fabric he had chosen was REALLY itchy!

Luckily, I had this extra clasp hanging around that I bought from a leather & sewing supply store 

And here's the cape on my friend at work, dressed as the long lost twin brother of Michonne from Walking Dead.

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